About Nick

Nicholas Cipriano discovered Biophoton Therapy after someone very close to him was diagnosed with a terminal illness in early 2012.  After witnessing the subsequent life changing results from Biophoton Therapy, Nicholas knew that this is what he wanted to do in his life.  In December 2012, he was was trained at the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences in Walnut Creek, California by the developer of Biophoton Therapy, Dr. Johan Boswinkel.

Since practicing Biophoton Therapy, Nicholas has enjoyed helping each client achieve overall wellness in cases where it was deemed not possible.  His accumulated knowledge of various healing modalities has led him to believe that Biophoton Therapy is the fastest, most effective healing modality currently available by identifying and correcting the root cause of problems, rather than treating the symptoms.


ZYTO Technologies, Inc.
Certification Elite 5.0, Biocommunications

International Academy for Homotoxicology
Certification, Homotoxicology

Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences
Diploma, Chiren® Practitioner

Dominican University
Bachelor of Science, Accounting, Finance