After a year of searching for an answer and being repeatedly misdiagnosed, I felt pretty hopeless about the situation.  This is about the time that I met Nick.  Prior to starting sessions, I had multiple skin eruptions that were nothing short of unbearable.

It has now been over a year since I’ve suffered from the discomfort.  I learned a lot about my body throughout this process and eventually began to feel like I was again in control.

I thank Nick for his patience and professionalism throughout this process.  I felt like he really cared about restoring my health and together we did.

Uma W., Phoenix AZ

I started biophoton therapy for a number of reasons.  Shingles, cold sores, vertigo, plantar fasciitis, and trigger finger on my left hand.
As of today, I have no symptoms of shingles such as the skin flare ups below my right eye and on the side of my right eye. 
The vertigo has went away which makes my days so much better and tolerable.  I would get cold sores every year during winter season, but I can happily say that since receiving therapy, I haven’t received any this past winter.  Amazing!

As for trigger finger; When I would make a fist with my left hand, my middle finger couldn’t touch the palm and would hurt too, but after a session, I could now touch my middle finger to the palm, and the pain is much better.

Lastly, I have plantar fasciitis on my right heel that made walking difficult for me since I’m always on my feet.  My heel is about 90 percent better as of today.  Thank you for everything, Nick, you have made my life so much better. Margaret C., Chicago IL

It is not overstating it to say that receiving sessions from Nick has helped me to get my life back.  Having chronic Lyme disease and
struggling with it for most of my life, I have gone hither and yon, exploring every medical and healing modality I could find to see if it
could improve my condition.  Some approaches have worked better than others, however, biophoton therapy is my therapy of choice.  It is gentle, non-invasive, non-chemical and powerful enough to be all I need in order to regain and maintain a high degree of wellness given the complexity of the disease I am challenged with.  I can’t begin to describe what it is like not having to pop endless pills anymore or run around to a million different health practitioners all with differing opinions and often conflicting approaches.  Not to mention the extraordinary costs involved.  I am free of all of that now.  

Within a period of six months working with Nick, I have gone from completely bedridden and non-functional to being at about 75% full functionality.  I can work, travel, tend to my family, go for walks, manage all of my own personal needs/responsibilities of daily living, all in ways I was entirely unable to before starting sessions with Nick.  Furthermore, I haven’t been consistent in my session schedule (due to being so busy with travel which is amazing in itself) and even so, my health has not relapsed and has continued to progress.  I predict that we will see further improvement in my energy levels and overall vitality as we go along.  I wholeheartedly endorse this modality and give Nick two grateful thumbs up as a practitioner.  He knows what he is doing and is becoming masterful in the realm of biophoton therapy.
Heidi G., Grover Beach CA

For years my daughter suffered from severe food allergies, with frequent flu-like symptoms, especially after eating wheat products for a few days.  Through abstaining from many different foods and not being able to eat the majority of menu items at most restaurants, she was able to reduce the flu-like episodes, but with much effort and disappointment.  Biophoton therapy with Nick changed everything.  My daughter’s food allergies are gone and she can now eat anything she wants and doesn’t get or have reactions to any foods at all anymore.  She hasn’t been sick in over two years.  Having the problem corrected instead of abstaining from most foods has greatly improved her life as well as mine.

Also, I suffered from tennis elbow and a year’s worth of knee pain and with just a few sessions of having Nick wrap my elbow and knee with the glass rods, the pain disappeared.

Biophoton Therapy really works!  I couldn’t be happier with the results. Rhonda, Phoenix AZ

I was completely unaware about biophoton therapy until I was recommended by my mom to try it out as a way of coping with myself.  Within my first couple sessions I immediately noticed a positive mental change within myself.  Nick also recommended a few changes in my way of life which has really contributed to the overall session and taught me more about my body and how to maintain it for a proper healthy lifestyle.  

I definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who wants improve their life and understand how to maintain balance. Jasper C., Phoenix AZ

I learned about biophoton therapy through my wife after witnessing an immense improvement in her and decided to give it a try.  I was shocked to actually feel the very first session.  I was sick at the time and after the session I was actually feeling an improvement.  The key to this therapy is consistency.  I wasn’t able to do that, but these sessions still helped me so much. Jesse C., Mesa AZ

I heard about biophoton therapy through a customer at my work.  She informed me how much it helped her daughter and herself and referred me over to Nick.  My son at the time was struggling with allergies and asthma.  He was on allergy shots for 2 years with ZERO improvement.  As for me, I was feeling like my hormones were off, I had migraines and asthma.  I reached out to Nick and decided to get my son and myself treated.

 Now I knew nothing of biophoton therapy and I didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to give it a try since my customer at work had such great things to say about it.  Once we started sessions I immediately noticed a change in myself.  I was more energetic, active and balanced.  My son on the other hand took a little time, but Nick told me to give it some time since my son was taking certain meds that could lessen the effectiveness.  Soon after, my son’s allergies had stopped and he hasn’t needed his inhaler at all.  It is incredible, he is truly fixed.  I will be forever indebted to him
Laura C., Mesa AZ

This is an affirmation about Biophoton Therapy Treatments.  It has made a drastic difference in how I’ve felt over the last six months.  I had problems with shingles, heel pain, weight loss, gut and intestine issues, and severe itching that I had for years without finding a solution.  The scratching was making grooves due to the itching.

As a result of the various sessions, I released 30 lbs, my stomach bloating and function improved drastically, and my blood pressure was lowered and as a result I took less medication.  It improved my organ health on a physical level from the treatments.  I was able to see a measurable difference on a week by week basis.  The shingles which would normally last two weeks at least were considerably better in less than a week.  The heel pain I endured was able to be corrected in three or four treatments.

All this was the result of the body being able to correct itself with the help of the biophoton therapy.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone having medical issues.

Nick, thank you for all your help, I’m just sorry you relocated.

Gail G., Chandler AZ

I was going in regularly to see the doctor for maintenance medications for close to 25 years.  These medicines were to control anxiety, marginal hypertension from stress and eventually I was taking depression medication. You begin to think it’s normal protocol being on all these medications.  I am in my late 50’s.

I still did not feel well although I was active and exercised regularly.  I started biophoton therapy with Nick. I became very enlightened in consulting with Nick.  I changed some of my diet and changed my outlook on treating my body through biophoton therapy.  I saw Nick weekly and each week felt drastic changes, especially mental clarity.  The sessions felt like a cleanse of my body and mind.  Much less clutter I felt that caused me anxiety.  Within 3 months my medications were reduced by 75% and many cravings to eat some non-nutritional foods decreased too.  My wife, also saw Nick and received sessions.  She was quite healthy with good eating habits before consulting with Nick.  After starting biophoton therapy she noticed a big change in her skin health, had less joint pain, and released a considerable amount of weight.  The sessions were certainly body and mind alternating in a very positive way.  We gained confidence in knowing that if we feel out of sorts to use biophoton therapy.  It’s painless, effective and made us feel more restored in all aspects. Frank L., Chicago IL